Limerick, Ireland, 2008 - 2010
Gregory Shakar, Abraham Manzanares, Javier Lloret, Jordi Puig & Paola R. Salillas, Peggy Sylopp & Giovanni Longo, Mauritius Seeger, Daniel Miller, Nigel Power, Richard Vickers, Transmitting Object Behaviours, Michael Markert, TMEMA (Golan Levin + Zachary Lieberman), FIELD, Ben Bogart, Julie Freeman, Maximo Reico, Jens Wunderling, Mooshir Vahanvati, Fernando Orellana, Tim Redfern & Ralph Borland, Gregory Chatonsky, Tristan Perich, The Einstein’s Brain Project: Alan Dunning, Paul Woodrow and Morley Hollenberg, Benjamin Gaulon, Brian Solon & Ivan Twohig, Carlos Katastrofsky, Luiza Prado, Joey Mariano, Pierre Proske.

Tweak was an interactive art and live electronic music festival that I curated and produced as part of my PhD research. The festival aimed to promote understanding of the use of technology within culture and to explore contemporary issues (social, economic, psychological, aesthetic and functional). The discourse within Tweak sought to examine the growing impact of digital technologies in the creation of art and aesthetic experience. Tweak provided a space for digital artists to redefine the nature of technology within our lives, and created public awareness of the complex nature of technology and explore the relationship technology has to our lives. The festival had three editions from 2008 - 2010, and featured exhibitions, workshops, panels and performances.