Eyebeam, New York, 2015

We are no longer old-fashioned.
We hereby renounce the choices imposed on us and instead call into question the common assumptions that have been made and remade..
We withdraw from this reality..
We will #make our own narratives..
We will #make our own futures.

THX.OBJ” is a three-part speculative project that includes a 3D printed object, an accompanying e-commerce site, and a manifesto that addresses issues surrounding consumerism practices. The project uses computation with 3D modelling to generate a textile using Python scripts.

THX.OBJ embodies the contradictions between 3D printing and a market where #making is the new consuming. Taking inspiration from an everyday object - a plastic shopping bag that says "Thank You for Shopping Here" - THX.OBJ is an intermediate that expresses our uncertainties toward the mass commercialisation of once emerging rapid fabrication technologies.

While we recognise the potential and benefits to this mode of production, this tech also makes us feel #uncertain. We question our ability to move beyond technodeterminist impulses and the endless speculations about the interplay between making the new "new” and making new "new” markets.

THX.OBJ reflects on and about the commodification of DIY practices to #make new "business models

THX.OBJ was developed in collaboration with Hua Shu during the Shapeways Computational Fashion masterclass at Eyebeam.