Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Dublin, Glitch, 2014
Fergal Brennan, Breda Lynch and Addie Addie Wagenknecht.

The Internet is growing up.

Long gone are the days of dial-up, Napster, Friends Reunited, and Geocities. Their memories and architecture are archived on servers, relegated to nostalgia lists and paraded as icons of Internet infancy.

We’ve put our toys away and now we mean business.

In our “increasingly connected world” - the consequence of capital investments into software, hardware, startups and apps - our clicks turn into dollars, our Twitter followers become our social capital and our Paypals run Alibaba’s Chinese factories.

The Internet is business.

The tools, platforms and protocols we use run on data capital; data usage is our new economy. Collectively we face challenges to privacy, identity, ownership and attention. We are all implicated and there are no easy answers.

CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND examines how artists use new media to investigate social and political systems to find their position within and in relation to these larger systems. In this fuzzy zone of information production, where boundaries and roles are increasingly blurred, the exhibition deploys humour and critique to reconfigure our ideas about our current digital economic climate. The exhibition was curated for the 2014 edition of Glitch festival in Rua Red, and featured the work of Fergal Brennan, Breda Lynch and Addie Addie Wagenknecht.

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