Coded After Lovelace

Whitebox Gallery, New York, 2014 & the Hannah Maclure Centre, Dundee, 2015
Bureau of Inverse Technology (BIT), Carla Gannis, Claudia Hart, Olia Lialina, Jillian Mayer, Rosa Menkman, Lorna Mills, Arleen Schloss, Lillian F. Schwartz, Erica Scourti and Cornelia Sollfrank.

Coded After Lovelace offers a survey of art that critically reflects on the creative use of technology, its development and limitations. From the room-sized computers of the Bell Labs era to the tablet-based work of today, this exhibition explores the divergent interests and approaches that have driven artistic experimentation with technology.

The exhibition, named after Ada Lovelace, who is credited as being the first computer programmer, acknowledges the role of women, past and present working at the forefront of art and technology. Pixels, compression, malleability of photographic objects and 3D renderings are some of the technological development artists have embraced to creatively experiment with the possibilities of the medium. In responding to the central role science and technological research plays in contemporary culture they have driven innovative processes and techniques, pushing the boundaries of art. Coded After Lovelace creates a new lineage across artists of different generations.

Coded After Lovelace was co-curated with Faith Holland.