Access Space, Sheffield, 2016

Cat++ is a live coding experiment based on the behaviour of cats. The project was developed at the Sonic Pattern residency at Access Space in Sheffield, UK. The code was developed in processing, and is supported with 3 libraries including mesh, controlP5, and gifAnimation. The controlP5 library lets you input text, which we modified to support programming of the Processing sketch on the fly. This allows you to draw in the renderer without having to stop and run the sketch—so that you can “live code” visuals. All the animations were made in Photoshop, and the frame rate is controlled using the gifAnimation library. The mesh library is used to control where the cats are rendered on the screen.

The aim of the project is to explore the diversification of coding languages by means that speak to varying needs and interests. Indeveloping new uses for code as a medium for aesthetic or political expression, it can allow for the dissemination and development of new understandings for the use of code beyond technical domains. This points to not only an issue of broadening the appeal and accessibility of coding, but also of examining the intersection between creativity, technology, and theory. Special thanks to Alex McLean for his coding support on this project. Download a copy of the code here.